The ducks and doves were plentiful and the accommodations first rate. The entire staff did their heart to make sure your experience was pleasurable. I would recommend Bobby Balderrama´s Sinalopato Duck and Dove Club to anyone booking for this type of adventure.

Kaith Robinson, Glendive, Mt

I hope you get this e-mail.  I just wanted to drop you a note and thank
you for taking care of us on our hunting vacation.

It was wonderful meeting you and the staff there.
I had a wonderful time hunting and look forward to seeing you  all again
next season.

Thank for everything.

Tom Wong

Just want to drop a note of “thanks” for the fabulous trip. Everything was first class from the hotel staff, the van drivers, the restaurant service, and the hunts. Our group was particularly impressed with the assistance provided by Alejandra to insure that we had the trip of a lifetime. She coordinated all hunts, meals and handling of our birds beyond expectations. I would also like to compliment Angel, the evening manager at Owen’s, for the variety of meals and superb service.

The dove hunts with Joe were exactly as billed with the birds in abundance and the barrels of our guns literally smoking. Bird boys insured we had sufficient shells readily available and the cold drinks were appreciated. While my group travels regularly in pursuit of feathered quarry, the duck hunts were the best we have ever experienced in over 30 years of hunting. We hunted various locations, targeting specific species to bring home for taxidermy purposes, and were not disappointed. The Cinnamon Teal were one of the most beautiful and challenging birds we have ever hunted, zipping through the marsh at lightning speed. The sheer quantity of the Tree Ducks on the pond we hunted was unbelievable. Everyone harvested substantial numbers of the desired birds, plus several bonus species.

We are already discussing plans to return in the near future and look forward to working with your staff once again.

Thanks for everything and please add us to your newsletter mailing list.

Marty B. Patton
2286 Blue Springs Rd
Ashland City TN 37015

Our group had a great time at Sinaloapato.  In the form we were asked to fill out it asked us to name anyone of the staff we felt was exceptional.  I would be remiss not to mention how easily, efficientely and pleasantely you handled every situation.

Also, I had the guide, Edgar, on two hunts  Edgar is a delightful young man, very helpful and I could not have been more pleased.
Thank you very much and you can be assured we all wish to return,

Dan Boone. 





I have heard so much about Sinalopato over the years, and I am so happy that I finally went to see the operation for myself. To say the least, it was an incredible experience.

We work in Cabo, so it was a very easy 1 hour flight for my son and I. We arrived at 1 PM, and Mr. Balderamma met us with a wonderful  lunch at his Plaza Inn hotel. . We changed clothes and were off to the swamp by 2 PM. An easy 30 min drive and we were there.

We were met with the guides and the airboats ready to roll. I told my son that we would go for an “airboat ride”, but he had no idea that we would soon be skimming across the glass calm water en route to the blind. The amount of birds that we chased up right in front of where we launched the boats was mind boggling.

We were set up in a comfortable blind with cold refreshments and our trusty bird boy. My son has much experience hunting Deer, Turkeys and Pheasants, but he had no idea what was in store. For that matter, even though I have been hunting ducks since I was a young boy, I had no idea either.

They threw out  dozens of decoys and the airboat went for a cruise around the area. Swarms of all species of ducks took flight. Ducks soon began checking out our spread. All 3 species of Teal, Widgeons, Shovelers, Pintails, Wood Ducks, Mallards and some Mexican Mallards also.

Our barrels got very hot very quickly. I made some great shots and missed some easy shots. In the end we figured we were about 1 kill out of every 4 shots. A bit embarrassing, but for a couple of guys  that do not get many days per year in the swamp, we still ended up with 33 ducks (you can do your own math on how many shells that consumed)!

The next morning we had the same action in a different area. This area north of Los Mochis had more divers and THOUSANDS of Pintails. It was much different than the first area as it was all cattails whereas the first area was all mangrove trees. It was great to see new areas and different species. This area also held tens of thousands of Speckled Belly Geese, which outsmarted us that morning, but we still killed another 35 ducks and had an incredible morning. I am still giving my 15 year old son a hard time as he is very big and strong, and was complaining on how his shoulder hurt.

Mr. Balderamma has other areas that I plan to return to see next month. One of which is of great interest to me as he says it is full of divers. Bluebills (Scaup), Redheads, Canvasbacks and others. Having grown up in Minnesota, this is of great interest to me. He also promises Black Brant there, which will be a first for me.

I am in the hotel business, so I know something about service. The staff was great. Their attitudes were great.  The accommodations were 5 star and the food was incredible. They even prepared fresh Mallards for us in the hotel’s restaurant. What a treat. Everyone knew we were there to hunt. No time was wasted and the entire focus was on getting us on ducks.

I also want to mention one other thing that I feel is  important. Many tell me that they will not hunt Mexico due to high bag limits compared to the low bag limits in the USA. I know hunters that do not think this is fair. This is not correct. There are HUNDREDS of miles of hunting areas and basically only a handful of hunters. There are literally millions of birds. I honestly do not see how the small amount of hunting pressure applied to the species will make any difference in the population.  We traveled many miles by airboat and saw maybe 10% of Mr. Balderamma’s hunting concessions (or less) and we never had any other hunters anywhere in sight. This may be different in other areas of Mexico, but for the areas that Sinalopato has under concession, rest assured that no mismanagement of the species is occurring here whatsoever.

Los Mochis is a safe city to travel, I highly recommend Sinalopato to anyone interested in hot barrel waterfowl action, and I will return at least a couple times each season.

Christopher Erickson
USA Toll Free: 1-(520)-908-6061