Everything is coming together for an awesome season of bird shooting south of border. Summer rains have already started to fill our high mountain lakes that will provide an unlimited source of water for the new rice crops that have been planted. I would expect to see a significant increase in the population of ducks and both whitewing and mourning dove as the winter hunting season begins"

The morning dove hunt traditionally takes place at a close by ranch, where dove, roosting in nearby hills, come in big flights to feed on crops or drop in for a drink of water at a pond.

More action. Mourning dove and white wings are so plentiful in the fields you’re virtually assured all the birds you can handle.

Grain crops are responsible for attracting millions of dove to the fertile farming Valleys of Los Mochis. Hunt white winged and mourning dove at nearby ranch watering holes or under an established flyway. Doves move from roost to feed, water, and then back to roost during the middle of the day. Return to Plaza Inn around 6:30 p.m. Evening meals are a real treat. You’ll enjoy some of the finest food imaginable at Owens, the gourmet Restaurant at the Plaza Inn. Enjoy traditional Mexican food and American cuisine. Your doves and ducks can be prepared in different styles. The finest wines and the best desserts are available. Our staff is at your beck and call. Sinalopato private club room is also available for large groups.



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