Vast marsh lands, as far as the eye can see, are perfect habitat for a variety of ducks, many of which are scarse in the United States, including:
back-bellied whistling ducks, redheads, cinnamon, green winged and blue winged teal, gadwalls, canvasbacks, fulvous whistling ducks, ruddy duck, mottled ducks, widgeons, pintails, shovelers, pacific black brant, scaup and mallards.

Duck hunting in Los Mochis offers prime water fowling. Natural blinds are set up in tules and decoys spread out in a protected pocket, while your bird boy stays hidden and does the calling until it’s time to retrieve your downed ducks. To host his hunters and insure a quality hunt, Bobby Balderrama has selected the vast wetlands of Estero de Capoa and the Lagoon de Ohuira, consisting of over 38,000 acres of marshland, located less than an hour`s drive from the hotel. A professional air boat operation guarantees a great hunt.

Your duck hunting journey begins on an air boat, skimming along the water; you’ll follow waterfowl so closely. It’s exciting just being there. You’re delivered to a dry blind that blends in with its surroundings. Ducks come swooping in from everywhere.
The hunting is unbelievable. The ducks are so plentiful that soon you’ll be calling your shots; sprig, cinnamon teal, widgeon.... At the end of each session you’ll be posing for pictures, your game will be packed and frozen and glad you choose Sinalopato.


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