• All lodging at deluxe Plaza Inn Hotel (double occupancy).
  • All transfers from/to Los Mochis International Airport and to all hunts.
  • Airboats and blinds for duck hunts, bird retrieval, bird boy for dove hunts, Two daily dove hunts for dove hunting packages.
  • Early snack and coffee, All meal, five star service.
  • All transportation to Sinalopato Duck Hunting reserve.
  • Complimentary beer, soft drinks and ice in the field.   
  • Extra Day of fishing $450.00 USD

    Non hunter cost per day………………………………………..$ 185.00 USD


Sinalopato Duck and Dove Hunting Club

1.  What forms of payment do you accept at Sinalopato Duck & Dove Club for items paid for after the hunt is over?

  • Personal Checks
  • Cash
  • Traveler Checks

2.     What items normally require payment after the hunt is over ?

  • After the hunt is over the most common payment are:
  • Hunting Licence $250
  • Shells $15.50 USD per box
  • Shotgun Rent $75 USD per day
  • Gun Permit $250 per person
  • Gunsmith and Cleaning Service Fee $10 USD daily

3.     Do you have any service charges or administration fees based with accepting credit cards or personal checks?

There is a service charge of 7.5 % on credit cards.

  • How much do you charge for ammunition per box? 
  • $15.50 per Box on Duck Loads #4 and 6
  • $15.50 per Box on Dove Loads #7 ½
  • How much do you charge for gun rental,
  •  The charge per day for gun rental is $75.

4.     How much are shotgun Import fees at your Countries destination?

The Shotgun Import Fee is  $250 per permit.

5.     How many shotguns can each hunter bring?

Two shotguns, and for taking your guns  (into Mexico) the only thing you need to send is the hunting contract and copy of your passport, we will do the rest.
Gun transportation permit is ready 8 days after submitting copy of passport

6.     How much are hunting licenses? 

The hunting licence is $250, and is for the entire hunting season.

7.     Please supply the lodge phone number in case a hunter’s family needs to contact them in case of an emergency?

011 52 6688 16 08 00

8..   Are the hunters able to call the US from your lodge?  If so, what are the charges?

2 USD per minute.

9.   Do you offer internet access?  Is it wireless?  Do you charge for this service?

We have internet access on the bussiness center, we have wireless and the service is free.

Do you have the 2013-2014 Season dates set yet?  If so, what are they?

Hunting season for Duck and Dove runs from October 25th  until March 15th.

10.   Do you have the 2013-2014 Bag Limits dates set yet?  If applicable, what are they?

To take home the limit for Ducks is 45 and for Doves is  60 doves.
USA Toll Free: 1-(520)-908-6061 / 01(52) 668 816 08 00